Patient Testimonials

“Susan and her staff are amazing! She gives great advice on bioidentical hormones and natural supplements.”
– Chandra Krych Gardner

“I have had an incredible experience here. In my mid-30s, my hormones started going completely haywire along with being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I resisted any kind of hormone replacement therapy for forever. Finally, I got tired of feeling so lousy and decided to try testosterone pellets. Holy life changing!! I had no idea how much the lights had gone on out on my life. My energy is back. My positive attitude is back. My emotions and mental state are positive and stable. I am a better wife, mother, friend. My sex drive is back. Seriously the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel young and vibrant again and no longer questioning if feeling terrible was just a fact of life for the rest of my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
– Tori Timberlake Mitzal

“My labs came back looking like that of a postmenopausal woman, and I’m only 35! Susan worked her hormone/thyroid magic, and now, I have more energy, I sleep more soundly, and I feel better overall. I was also able to discontinue two medications because of the improvements. It completely changed my life!”
– Amanda

“I have been very happy with my whole experience at LifeStream. The office is very pretty and the location is quite charming with beautiful landscaping. The staff has been wonderful to work with, everyone from the girls that greet you to the nurses and the nurse practitioner, Susan Harris. I really like the extensive lab work and follow up they did. I also like that they recommend bio-identical hormone replacement and as much natural medicine as possible. I would definitely recommend this office and staff to others.”
– Joy Zeh

“I love Susan and the entire team at LifeStream! They care about the patients and treat you like an individual. I feel like they are thinking about me and my health even when I’m not there. They dig into things to offer solutions to root causes, not just treating symptoms…although they will do that in conjunction with searching for the root cause. They really look at the whole patient and do everything they can to help you live a well and healthy life!”
– Amanda

“My mother has battled fatigue for many years. It had gotten so bad she had to nap several hours every afternoon. My parents went to Europe and the long flight made her very ill. She didn’t get out of bed for days. My father was so concerned about how the travel affected her, he said it would be the last trip they would be able to take. After many doctors and many tests I found out about the True Health Diagnostics test through Susan Harris. I am so thankful for the comprehensive testing they did. Yes, it was expensive, but thankfully her insurance covered almost all of it. Because of this comprehensive testing we were able to uncover numerous issues that had been missed earlier. They tested things her other doctors didn’t even think about testing. My mother has been receiving treatment for 6 months and she is greatly improved. I am so thankful that we finally know what is wrong with her. She is doing so well my parents have booked a trip to Rome for this summer.”
– Rhea Chatham

LifeStream offers a warm and professional environment. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. I do all of my hormone therapy through LifeStream and I am feeling great. I have taken a couple of different paths searching for a natural solution to hormone therapy after a very unpleasant experience with the Climara patch. I was very disappointed in the more natural approach until I started going to LifeStream. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend them to anyone searching for hormone therapy that really works.
– Rhea C

I’ve finally found a place I can trust with all my women’s health needs. Great atmosphere, quick service, personal, comfortable.

– Angela R

This experience was amazing. The professional and courteous staff were and are over the top! The atmosphere is warm and inviting not mention they are exceedingly professional and up on technology. Susan Harris is, without a doubt, the epitome of what healthcare does NOT provide anymore. She listens, authentic, knowledgable, and promotes wellness.. Without trying to sell you.. All kinds of unnecessary supplements! Thank you Susan Harris,to you, and your staff for providing me a place for thyroid and hormone therapy!

– Melissa H

Such great people- very impressed. Really care about me and making a better version of me!

– Linda M

You can look for better but you won’t find it. They really care about every patient. Very prompt to respond to questions on phone or email. Customer service is a strong suit.

– Debbie G